Choosing the Right Lotion Pump For Your Business


A lotion pump makes use of a rotary screw type system. […]

A lotion pump makes use of a rotary screw type system. Generally speaking, a lotion pump usually consists of the following parts:

Actuator: A actuator, or simply the pump arm, is what you push down to pump out the product from the bottle. Clamp: The part that fastens the assembly to the end of the neck inside the plastic tube. The clamp keeps the piston in place when it is pushed down through the tubing. Spring: A metal spring that compressing the piston until the lid opens. The spring may also serve to keep the lid closed during travel and when it is shut, the metal spring will be compressed and keep the lid closed.

As far as designs are concerned, a lotion pump typically comes in one of three forms. The first is a vertical one, which is similar to a pump used in auto vacuum cleaners. These are ideal for use with lotions that are concentrated and that can be easily applied to the bottles. These are also useful in that they have a lot of suction power, allowing the user to suck out large volumes of lotions. This style of pump has a small hose, which means that the user can apply a lotion without having to excessively make use of a lot of manual effort.

The next is an airless lotion pump. These are ideal for use with a variety of lotions because the user doesn't have to use any air to apply them. This means that they are safe to use around infants and small children. They are also convenient because the user doesn't need to purchase any additional containers for the lotion to be applied to. Instead, the bottle simply needs to have an airtight lid.

The third option is the piston lotion pump. A piston is similar to a plastic tube in that it can be used to push liquid or gel through a long, flexible tube. When it is in a vertical position, the liquid or gels travel up the tube while the piston keeps them at the bottom. When the piston is moved up, the air inside the plastic tube is forced to enter the piston; this causes the air to bubble as it travels up the tube. Once it reaches the top, the bubble collapses and the contents of the tube are released into the customer's hands.

The final option is the rotary actuator. These are often made from a combination of metal spring and a smooth piece of plastic. The metal spring serves to counterbalance the weight of the liquid as it pushes it along. The plastic part allows for the user to move the actuator depending on how they want to use it. The most popular form of this is the push button actuator. In this system, the user moves the actuator based on the amount of pressure in the consumer's hand.

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