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Yuyao XiangSheng Plastic Co., Ltd. located in Yaoxi Inddustrial Zone,is specializing in the production of several series and hundreds of types of liquid dispenser pump, lotion pump, left-right lotion pump, outer spring lotion pump, powder pump, cosmetic spray pump and square guns, as a professional manufacturer engaged in matching packaging of beauty salon,mediccine and washing products. It has excellent molding equipments and experienced technical team, forming production process integrating mold development,injection


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We have two our own casting foundries and one CNC machining factory.So we can offer the price and products directly.

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Foam Soap Pump - The Ultimate Solution For Keeping Your Laundry Supplies Organized

The Foam Soap Pump is easy and inexpensive to use. It is especially useful for people with sensitive skin who wash hands all day long or who have dry, flaky fingers. This innovative hand pump dispenser is made to dispense smaller amounts of foam at a time, which means no bubbles are left over - perfect for keeping hands clean and neat. The Foam Soap Pump Dispensers works with almost any regular liquid hand soap. The manufacturer recommends avoiding hand soap with moisturizing beads, glitters, sp...

Aug 05,2021 Latest News

How To Choose The Best Fine Mist Sprayer For You

Xiangsheng's Continuous Fine Mist Sprayer is a simple and cost-effective model that enables consumers to spray various kinds of fragrances. The new dispenser eliminates the need for excess chemicals or propane to power the spray head as it releases a fine mist directly into the air. This eliminates the need to use anything other than the nozzle to spray the fragrance and is ideal for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Unlike conventional pump bottle style dispensers, the Continuous Fine M...

Jul 27,2021 Latest News

Getting a Great Oil Mist Spray Pump and Amber Bottles

The Oil Mist Spray Pump is a device that sprays oil into the air. This can be used for many different things from cleaning to misting of pesticides. It is the perfect solution for many jobs. If you want to find out how to get price drops on this type of machine, then read on. First, you need to look for good oil mist spray pump suppliers. This means that you have to research about them online. There are a lot of ways to do it. One is to check with your local chamber of commerce. They will probab...

Jul 22,2021 Latest News

Trigger Sprayer Consumer

Trigger sprayers are generally manufactured from polypropylene (PP) plastic and is used primarily for commercial use (fishing, cleaning products) or industrial applications (drilling). The sprayer is attached to a water line and uses compressed air to trigger the nozzle that shoots out a stream of compressed air. The size and pressure of the air streams depend on what the user is using it for. The sprayer nozzle will vary depending on the job, it is used for. In some cases, the user will have mo...

Jul 15,2021 Latest News

Using Lotion Dispenser Pump To Get The Right Product

The Lotion Dispenser Pump is a device that allows you to dispense lotions, moisturizers and creams onto your skin without having to do so manually. This may be one of the best accessories for anyone who is into caring for their skin. With the help of this item you may be able to get all the things that you need in one single pump. All you need are some containers that can hold some liquid and an extension handle. In choosing one, you may want to consider your needs. You may already have a lot of...

Jul 09,2021 Latest News

Why Choose a Lotion Pump 3.5 cc Dosage From Yuyao Lotion Pump 3.5 cc Dispenser, China?

Lotion Pump 3.5 cc Dosage is a high performance formula that is formulated to cater the needs of men and women of different age groups. It is an excellent remedy for dry itchy and flaky skin. It is designed with the sole purpose of addressing the basic skin issues of dry skin with the help of effective ingredients that are usually found in Lotion Pump Products. The ingredients that are used in Lotion Pump 3.5 cc Dosage include aloe vera gel, citrus extracts like oranges, limes and new, vitamin E...

Jun 30,2021 Latest News

Foam Soap Pump - Check Valve For Proper Flowing

Foam soap dispensers are a necessary item in today's cleaning world. We can't think properly without a good clean hand foam brush. And we can't have both without the foam soap pump. This type of dispenser is easy to use and the most popular for households that need to keep up with cleaning ritual. It also comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. The foam soap pump comes in two parts, a main one for the liquid soap and another for air. It injects air in the liquid soap when it passes through ...

Jun 25,2021 Latest News

Different Types Of Sprayers For Cleaning Carpets And Paint

The Trigger Sprayer is an excellent model for any company that processes, handles, or sells hazardous materials. It can be used with many different machines. It was designed for easy application and its unique design makes it the most versatile trigger sprayer available. The miniature trigger sprayer is a 24/409, ball point pen style, smooth bodied, clear cap, rigid, polypropylene, durable, liquid dispensing closure. It is ideal for applications that require a controlled volume of spraying liqui...

Jun 17,2021 Latest News
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