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Yuyao XiangSheng Plastic Co., Ltd. located in Yaoxi Inddustrial Zone,is specializing in the production of several series and hundreds of types of liquid dispenser pump, lotion pump, left-right lotion pump, outer spring lotion pump, powder pump, cosmetic spray pump and square guns, as a professional manufacturer engaged in matching packaging of beauty salon,mediccine and washing products. It has excellent molding equipments and experienced technical team, forming production process integrating mold development,injection


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Classification and working principle of vacuum pumps and bottles

The selection of cosmetic packaging basically includes five elements: product compatibility, seal integrity, barrier integrity, appearance appreciation, and physical properties in circulation. The integrity of the seal (that is, the air-tightness of the package) is particularly important because the active ingredients in most cosmetics are compounds that evaporate easily, and many natural ingredients simply change color and deteriorate when they touch the air. High-end brands choose vacuum packa...

Feb 26,2021 Latest News

Enhanced cosmetic PET bottle

One. Data isolation definition 1. The isolation of data refers to the isolation function of a specific permeate from one side of the data to the other side (usually from the high-concentration side through the data and into the low-concentration side). Common permeates include inorganic gas and water. Vapor and organic matter. According to the different properties of the permeable material, the corresponding insulation is called air permeability (oxygen permeability, nitrogen permeability, carbo...

Feb 19,2021 Latest News

Do you know all about the PET bottle blow molding production process?

Blow molding process The important factors that affect the PET bottle blow molding process are the preform, heating, pre-blowing, mold and environment. 1 Preform When preparing blow-molded bottles, firstly, PET chips are injected and formed into preforms. It requires that the proportion of secondary reclaimed materials cannot be too high (below 5%), the number of retractions cannot exceed twice, and the molecular weight and viscosity cannot be too low (molecular weight 31000- 50000, intrinsic vi...

Feb 05,2021 Latest News

Nine problems that easily occur when making PET plastic blow-molded bottles

The following problems are often encountered when making blow-molded bottles with PET plastic raw materials, so today I will summarize the situations and solutions that are easy to occur in the production process. Problem 1: The upper part is thick and the lower part is thin. Solution: It is necessary to delay the pre-blowing time or reduce the pre-blowing pressure to reduce the air flow. Problem 2: There is a situation where the bottom is thick and the top is thin, and the solution: the opposit...

Jan 29,2021 Latest News

PET bottle blowing process

Beverage bottle is a modified PET bottle blended with polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) or a composite bottle of PET and thermoplastic polyarylate. It is classified as a hot bottle and can resist heat above 85℃; water bottle is cold Bottle, no requirement for heat resistance. The hot bottle is similar to the cold bottle in the forming process. 1 equipment At present, the manufacturers of PET full-automatic blow molding machines mainly import from France SIDEL, Germany KRONES, and domestically produ...

Jan 23,2021 Latest News

Packaging material | Airless bottle, perceive every intimate contact

The airless bottle is a high-end packaging bottle composed of a cap, a pressure head, a cylindrical or ellipsoidal vessel body, a base and a piston rod that is placed at the bottom of the bottle body. Its release is in line with the latest development trend of skin care products, and can reasonably maintain the fresh quality of products. However, because the structure of the vacuum bottle is complicated and the cost is high, the application of vacuum bottle packaging is limited to multiple types...

Jan 16,2021 Latest News

Basic knowledge of airless bottles

1. About airless bottles   The contents of the airless bottle can be completely blocked from the air, preventing the product from oxidizing and metamorphosing and breeding bacteria due to the touch of the air, and improving the product file with its high-tech concept. The vacuum bottle used in shopping malls is composed of a cylinder into an ellipsoid container and a piston with a settled bottom. Its planning principle is to use the shortening force of the tension spring, and to prevent air from...

Jan 09,2021 Latest News

The working principle of lotion pump head

1.First press--------When we press the ACTUATOR for the first time, the press head drives the sub-stem through the connected main column (STEM) to compress the spring (SPRING) together; in the process of compressing the spring The outer wall of the piston (PTSTON) rubs against the inner wall of the body (HOUSING) to prompt the piston to open the discharge hole of the sub-column (SUB-STEM); when the piston (PTSTON) slides down, the air in the body (HOUSING) Discharge through the discharge hole of...

Dec 30,2020 Latest News
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